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Power quality is an important factor that effects to sensitive electronic devices and technological equipments in commercial, industrial and even home users. Many power quality problems originate in the electrical power supply which is subject to the weather condition such as lightning storms along with equipment failure, traffic accidents and major switching equipments. Each power interruption or disturbances can cause the immediate equipment failure, system crashes, production downtimes, product quality deterioration, productivity losses, computer data losses, healthy and safety risk. Power quality product or Power conditioner used to modify the power to improve power quality in the electrical power supply. Power quality products are designed to protect your connected equipments from the impact of power quality problems and provide reliable and efficient quality power to your business and industrial.

  » Surge Protector or Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) is an equipment designed to protect electrical and electronic equipments from power surges and voltage spikes.

Solar home system
Stand-alone Solar Home Lighting System
for unavailable utility-generated power location.
* Ex-work Bangkok



  Leonics participated in the Electric, Power & Renewable Energy Malaysia 2015 (EPRE 2015)


  Leonics inverter have been officially approved by SEDA (Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia)


  Leonics participated Solar Power Investment (Solar Farm Solar Roof) Seminar&Exhibition


  Leonics is now one of HOMER prefer partner program


  Leonics sponsors KMUUT Team in Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 competition


  Seminar on "Solar PV Rooftop in Thailand" The Big Change for all and Sustainability Energy

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