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Solar charge controller is charge controller that is used in the solar application and also called solar battery charger. Its function is to regulate the voltage and current from the solar arrays to the battery in order to prevent overcharging and also over discharging. There are many technologies have been included into the design of solar charge controller. For example, MPPT charge controller included maximum power point tracking algorithm to optimize the production of PV cell or module.

Solar charge controller, Solar battery charger


Solar street light system is system that uses PV module to convert sunlight into DC electricity. The system consumes only DC electricity and incorporates solar charge controller to store DC in the battery bank to supply during sunlight is not visible or nighttime.


Solar home system is system that takes energy generated from PV module to supply for home appliances or other household applications. The system incorporates solar charge controller to store DC in the battery bank and suits for using in any areas where utility grid is not available.


Hybrid system is system that consists of multiple energy sources to provide full time, backup power or other purposes. It usually combines solar array with other forms of generation such as diesel generator and renewable energy forms (wind turbine generator and hydro generator, etc.) and incorporates solar charge controller to store DC in the battery bank.


Solar water pump system is system that uses solar power to pump water from natural and surface reservoirs for home, village, water treatment, agriculture, irrigation, livestock and other applications.



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